What is CORF?

CORF = Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility

CORF is a Medicare designation. Congress established CORFs to provide patients with access to high quality rehabilitation services in a community-based setting. CORFs provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services in a convenient outpatient setting. There are about 650 CORFs in the country.

Holistic Treatment Philosophy

In addition to being a CORF, we provide direct patient care by treating the whole patient with a variety of outpatient therapy services, including physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and social work services.

Working with Physicians

We work as an extension of the referring physician's care. The referring physician approves the patient's treatment plan and is informed of the patient's progress.

We have access to professionals from a variety of educational backgrounds to offer the individual and distinct services you may need. We are very fortunate to work with an excellent team of Medical Directors who are well known pulmonologists and internists in the area who provides us with exceptional medical supervision and oversight.

Patient Accessibility

Our facility was specifically designed to provide easy access with lots of available parking. We are usually able to schedule evaluation within a week.